We are excited to announce that for 2019 we can now offer more track time to our DOCSA 2019 members through the Monocle Racing Series. The Team at Monocle have agreed to introduce a “DOCSA Breakfast run” class at all their events. There will be 3 track sessions of 15 minutes each per day that you chose to attend. This is NOT a race. It is track time for those of you who wish to spend more time on track in a safe riding environment where the same rules of the road apply except there are no Taxis, busses, cards, potholes, traffic lights and other distractions like road riding.

DOCSA members pay R300 per day of attending when pre-booking (booking accompanied by their electronic DOCSA member card or confirmation from DOCSA till your cards arrive)
• No special rates if booking and paying on the day. They pay same fee as per other “on the day” competitors
Non- DOCSA 2019 members riding Ducati’s only pay full price as charged by Monocle Racing series.

Maximum Entries for the class are 40 Entrants will get a DOCSA/Monocle participation token.

Bike and gear requirements:
Road worthy bike to breakfast run standard (bike will go through scrutineering)
Taped up side mirrors or folded back
Road tyres (no slicks)

Minimum safety gear required:
• Full face helmet
• Leather or Cordura jacket
• Gloves
• Leather or Cordura riding pants (No jeans)
• Boots (minimum to ankle height)